Question Main monitor flickers black, or shuts completely off any time I turn on most HD video.

Sep 9, 2020
My setup:
RTX 2070S
Monitor 1: Optix g27c2 plugged DP @ 144hz
Monitor 2: Benq Xl2411z plugged in HDMI @ 60hz.
Windows 10

This problem has persisted for months now, from day 1 of building this computer. The exact moment I open Netflix(app or browser), Prime video, any sports streaming, and some other video services my main monitor 1 start endlessly flashing black, sometimes eventually shutting off entirely and losing signal. This will happen even if the second monitor is off and unplugged.

This is the only case where it happens. Oddly I can watch Youtube on my second monitor no problem. I can game on my 4k tv while streaming on twitch.

My video drivers are up to date, as well as my windows updates. I have tried setting my main monitor to 60hz, which seems slightly more reliable but still ends up going black. This wouldn't be a permanent solution anyway. I have also plujgged the Optix into a second PC by DP and had the same flickering happen when watching video. Second PC is also Windows 10. I have also bought a new DP cable to rule that out.

The Benq is a 144hz monitor but seems to only receive 144hz through DVI which the 2070S doesn't have. It has no DP and as far as I can tell the HDMI will only run 1080p at 60fps.

Googling turns up people sharing this issue as far back as the 2010s but not one solution so far has helped me get this to work. At this point, watching anything except Youtube on my second monitor is completely impossible. This happens 100% of the time.

Any help would be appreciated. It has to be the monitor right?
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