Question Main monitor keeps going black randomly. It will come back after a few seconds but then go black for a few seconds.

Apr 26, 2021
I'm not entirely sure what would cause this. It happened a little while last night. The only events that I can think of that would lead to this is I recently bought a 3rd monitor a week before and have been using it without issues. But after last night it's just been going black non stop. I tried changing the ports, using a different DVI cable and to no avail. I thought it might be because my graphics card is sagging as I didn't have a screw to hold it up, so I got one and its still not fixed it.

My current specs are:
i7 7700k
gtx 1660ti
32gb ddr4 ram
600w corsair powersupply

I have a 144hz middle monitor and 2, 60hz side monitors. And the middle, 144hz which is my main monitor seems to be the issue. I've unplugged my new monitor as I feel like it may be causing the issue. But I'm not sure why this would cause the issue.


What is the exact model of the PSU and how long have you had it.

I had what sounds to be the same issue before. Had a monitor where the screen would go black for a second or two then come back. Replaced both monitors, still had the issue. Replace the GTX 980 with a 2080 Ti still had the issue. Replace the PSU EVGA 650 G2 with a EVGA 750 G3 problem went away.

My sister-in-law now has my GTX 980 in her computer and doesnt have any issues. guess my loss is her gain.