Mainboard capable of running PC3200 registered ECC RAM?


Aug 19, 2007
I recently upgraded some of our HP Proliant DL385 G1 ( servers (dual core Opteron 275 boxes) and now I've got a bunch of 1 GB DIMMs on spare. According to the specs ( they are 184-pin PC3200 registered ECC DIMMs. I was wondering if anyone knows some third party mainboard (for self-build non-HP server) to make some further use of these modules. The mainboard doesn't has to be the latest and greatest, I don't even care whether Intel or AMD, I just want the reuse those modules . I already had a look at some vendors (Asus, MSI, Tyan, ...) but no luck, but maybe I have overseen something. Does anyone of you have a hint? Many thanks in advance!
Any motherboard that uses PC3200 DDR is obsolete. To get any motherboard that uses that RAM, let alone ECC capable RAM is not really worth the money you would have to spend. Personally, I would sell these extra DIMMS on Ebay and let it go at that....
perhaps the better question is can you use ECC ram on normal motherboards?

id have to agree with the above poster, i wouldnt invest any more $$$ in old technology unless you got something dirt cheap, or for free.
Registered ECC Ram is probably pretty expensive.
Socket 939 should work with those memory chips.
It would be your most recent motherboard for DDR1.
I can't recommend anything at the moment.


Feb 21, 2006
Perhaps you could resell the modules on eBay?

You are likely better off selling these to some people who have older servers that need some extra ram than trying to build an outdated server to use them in.

The funds could then be used to build a new system.

Mostly server/workstation motherboards use Registered ECC RAM. Take a look at the Tyan S2865G2NR-RS or the Asus K8N-LR. They are both Skt939 server/workstation mobos that accept and use registered ECC PC3200 DIMMS. You could pick up an Opteron 165 for less $100USD to make a cheap file/media server. There are no last gen, socket 939, enthusiast type mobos that use registered ECC PC3200 RAM. Any enthusiast type mobo that would use ECC RAM are current gen and use DDR2, not last gen DDR. If you want to build a cheap file/media server then something like I mentioned would be a nice machine, but if you want current gen or top-o-the-line then you are better off selling the DIMMs and using the money to purchase current gen parts.

Also, just because it's last gen doesn't make is obsolete, it just makes it last gen. There are still plenty of gaming/workstation machines running DDR and they are far from obsolete. There are still a number of last gen products on the market at reduced/reasonable prices. Aside from the enthusiast community, which is what is mostly represented here in these forumz, Joe Average's home computer bought from Dell last year/two years ago is still using DDR. Don't beleive the hype that you must have all current gen parts to build a kick-a$s machine.

Lasty, if you are interested in selling those ECC 1GB DIMMs, PM me as I might be interested depending on the price and what brand/model they are. Thanks!