Question Major C Drive Issue!!!


Feb 19, 2010
Hi, so I noticed last night that my C drive available space literally began depleting in front of my eyes, everytime I closed and reopened My Computer or, right clicked and refreshed the screen with my drives listed!? It started ot at over 70gb free and at its lowest, was down to 58.1gb free!? I have ran Malwarebytes and it found 2 x threats which were quarantined and my anti virus turned up no threats at all!? I have manually cleared all the cache on C and got the available space back up to 68 or so gb, but again, it did start changing the amount free again, by which time I was like, cannot be bothered with this!!! And went to bed!!

I have no idea what is causing this fluctuation, given that other than install new nvidia drivers and uninstall the old ones,I have done nothing else, what is causing this!? I dont think the amount of space available has changed, just the system showing fluctuations which would limit technically its capacity and give the system the impression it's more full than it actually is!?

I don't want for the amount t of space available to get so low, it turns red and my system gets unstable!? And if possible I do not want to perform a fresh reinstall, if at all possible!?

My system specs are, Win 10 64 professional 1809 build and before the update, no such problem existed!?
Is or, has anyone else suffered or experienced this before?

Many thanks in advance!!!