Major Display Issues in Windows 10

Seth L

Dec 1, 2014
Alright, so, to get into deep detail about my issue, I am going to start at the beginning.

I normally use dual monitors. Both are exactly the same model. Both displays set to 1600x900, one runs off DVI, the other VGA.
Well, I was playing a game called Killing Floor with the girlfriend and decided I wanted to use a bigger monitor, so, what does someone in that position do?
You hook up your television.
Well, the moment I unplugged the one monitor that runs off VGA and hooked it up to the television with VGA(I don't own an HDMI cable even though the TV has the ports)
The instant I hooked up the television, things got... Crazy... To say the least. Everything was absolutely MASSIVE on the television. It was zoomed in on the upper left hand corner of the desktop. You couldn't see the taskbar or anything. Just gigantic icons, and a very fuzzy background picture because of how blown up it was.
Well, Windows 10, acting up, decided "Hey, I'm not going to let this guy use separate resolutions on each monitor. Keep them the same." lol.
Well, I couldn't---The resolution it sat it to set the desktop way off, and I needed to adjust it. So I went in to Catalyst Control Center(will list my rig below) and used it to set the resolutions separately since Windows wouldn't.
Now this is where it starts to get weird...
After hooking up the television and restarting my game, I started having wild crashes for the most random of things. Googled my problem, it came down to the resolution change(weird, huh?) so I set the smaller monitor as my main display, played the game on it, and went about my business...

Then, I unplugged my television, and everything just... It got bad.
My computer monitor started saying "Display not supported" even though nothing about it was touched, I just simply unplugged the television. Screen started bouncing around with white and black bars and lines across the screen, but I could still see what was on my monitor, it was just bouncing around really fast. So, I unplugged the computer monitor and plugged the television back up by itself---Same thing.
Figured out that I could scroll up and down really quickly on my web browser and it would prevent it from happening. Once I started doing that and I could see things somewhat clearly, I noticed that there's these weird little black dots around my cursor, and some swirly looking thing on the right of the pointer(not the loading circle, this was a greyish/whitish circle.)

I plugged the monitor back up along side the television, and my problem just... Stopped... What is going on?
Drivers are up to date, all updates installed, the works.
This doesn't happen with the monitor&TV paired together... Only when they're running on their own.

My build:
Athlon X4 860K
R7 250X
(for a complete break down of my system, check my signature)

What is this problem, has anyone had it?
And if so, how do I fix it?
First you need to update your drivers (clean install of drivers).

After that, you need to set your TV to not have overscan (usually "no overscan" or "dot by dot" etc), and it will work fine. It was NOT a resolution thing, though you need to make sure your resolution is set to the real resolution of the TV, not "720p" or "1080p" (unless the TV really is 1920x1080 or 1280x720).

You should always use HDMI when possible (not having a cable is not an excuse, they literally cost $5, skip your coffee for a day or two and you can afford it)