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Question Major FPS Drops and Stutters

Jun 1, 2020
Hi. This is my first post so Hello!!! I have been playing on a pc I built in 2018 and I believe the specs aren't that bad. However, I get major fps drops and stutters in Fortnite where my game can drop below 30 every 1-3 seconds making the game unplayable. I play on 144hz monitor 144fps capped. If i play uncapped, i get around 250-350 fps in creative yet it fluctuates and can drop to below 60. I have tried many fixes and I need the community's help because epic support is useless.
Specs (I don't know if you need more than this so if i do please let me know)
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
GPU: Gtx 1060 6gb
Motherboard: ASROCK AB350M Pro4
Ram: 16gb DDR4
Power supply: 600w

I have videos if that is necessary
Jun 1, 2020
cpu/gpu temp and usage during the game?
ram/hdd/sdd usage?
malware scan the system?
make and model of this 600w psu?
CPU Temp: Betwen 60 and 66
GPU Temp: Between 65 and 70
CPU Usage: 50%
GPU Usage: Between 40% and 85% Idk y but it fluctuates a lot
Ram Usage: Idk what you mean by this but if you mean memory in task manager: 49%
HDD: 1.73 tb free of 1.81tb
SDD: 53 gb free of 111gb
Power Supply: Evga 600 watt 80 plus bronze

Just to tell you now: I completely reboot my pc in hopes of helping fps stutter but it didnt help. I also reapplied thermal paste to cpu which prob made it worse bc I touched the pc parts.