Question MAJOR FPS drops When using WIRED Xbox One Controller Need Help ASAP

Mar 9, 2019
I've been playing games with my same wired xbox one controller for about a year now with NO issues. Suddenly one day, I turn my computer on from sleep and try to play RE2 remake only to notice my FPS drops from 60 to about 15-20 whenever I use it to play from my controller making the game unplayable.

Few things to note - Whenever I play using my keyboard and mouse, FPS remains fine
I can still have my controller plugged in and use my keyboard and mouse and FPS remains fine
FPS drops whenever I press a button on the controller.
FPS drops on ANY games I play including benchmarks like Heaven and Firestrike even if they are not controller compatible whenever I press a button on the controller or push on one of the joysticks.

I hit up some PC monitoring software like Afterburner and noticed whenever I have a button pressed on the controller, the GPU usage Fluctuates, going all the way down to 13 and going up to the 90's every second. As soon as I stop pressing any buttons, the GPU usage goes back up to 99. My temps are fine, my CPU usage hovers around 30-50% when playing games

I've done my research and updated all my drivers and even reset my PC so PLEASE do not suggest that. This is also NOT an input lag as I am literally get FPS drops from this.
I just dont understand how everything could be working fine one night and then next morning everything has gone to crap.
Anyone have any solutions? Thanks

Here are my specs

Core i7 3770k @ 4.5 Ghz Water Cooled
Asus Maximus Formula V MOBO
12GB Corsair Domminator DDR3 RAM @ 1800 Mhz (Underclocked from 2000 Mhz)
MSI GTX 1080 Armor Edition
2TB seagate Barrcuda HDD
250 GB Samsung EVO 840 PRO SSD
750 Watt OCZ PSU