Question Major Frame drops in most games.

Dec 31, 2022
Hi everyone,
My system specs are:
RTX 3080
Ryzen 9 3900x
850w PSU
Asus Prime b450m-a ii Motherboard

I recently upgraded my PSU and GPU to the above components from a 400w and an RX 5700. Of course, I installed the new drivers and deleted the old ones. All my games are on my SDD and my chip sets are up to date.
I use 1080p resolution at ultra settings for most games. When playing games such as NMS and HL2, just from standing still in one spot it goes from 120 fps all the way down to 49 fps every few seconds. Some games run better, like Sandstrom where it doesn't dip to around 80 FPS from 120. The CSU and GPU usage maxed at 15 and 54% respectively. I ran a test on UserBenchmark and it says to ensure that the SSD is connected to a SATA port 3.0 with a SATA 3.0 cable. I used the same cables from before with the old PSU into the new cables from the new one. The other drives didn't test well as it says the sequential branch was incomplete. It states that my parts are reforming way below the percentile. I checked the background processes and none are taking up many recourses. I played a match of Fistful of frags offline without bots and it ran perfectly, but only when I added bots did the fps waving up and down problem return. I noticed my PC making a noise that matched the dip in performance like a car revving and stopping as the fps dropped. Could I have not connected the PSU properly to all the components? That was my first time installing one. The temperatures of all the components appear to maintain a normal level, and the usages weren't ever too high. My BIOS setting is set to performance (Asus) and I tried enabling the above 4G decoding but yielded no results. All my fans are running too. That's all I can remember in this horrible adventure I'm having. Thanks!