Question Major PC Black Screen Issue


Apr 22, 2019
I have had this PC for a few months now. Recently I decided to buy a new PSU (Corsair TX650M) and add 8GB (GeIL EVO POTENZA 2x 4GB 2400MHz) of RAM. So I did this and then went to start up my PC. It was a black screen, everything else was looking good (fans, lights, etc.). I had this problem when I first got my prebuilt PC and fixed it easily by reseating the RAM, so I just did that.
Now everything was working well and I went to play some games with my new PSU and extra RAM. It was fine for half an hour and then I got the blue screen of death (error code: 0xc000021a). The PC restarted and gave me another blue screen. It restarted again and gave me another blue screen. Now when it restarts, it doesn't even show anything on the screen. Sometimes I do manage to get into the BIOS though. This is when I try to use my Windows 10 installation media USB but all it does is sends me to a screen that says "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause." I was hoping that the USB would work normally and show this screen. I have literally been restarting my PC for hours hoping that something different would happen. Can someone please help?


Will the PC boot into safe mode?

What happens if you click "Repair your computer"? Is that when you get the "failed to start" error?

Try going back to the original RAM configuration. Perhaps one of the new modules has failed.

Likewise there could be some problem with the new PSU.

Put the original PSU back if possible.

Key is to change only one thing at a time and identify the problem source by elimination.

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