Question Major performance issues with PC


Oct 6, 2017
So I built a computer years ago, and have been slowly upgrading it over the years. Recently it has been performing very poorly on games that shouldn’t push its limits. GTA and rust run ok only on very low settings, and star citizen isn’t playable. All three of those games once ran fine on my machine but things have changed.

Specs as follows:

1080 strix 8gb
Asus 270-A motherboard(recent upgrade)
32gbs of DDR4(recently upgraded this)
240mm closed loop
M.2 500gb
500gb SSD
2tb Hdd
Nova 750 Watt power

I’m probally missing something, but that’s most of it.
I try to keep my drivers up to date, and I monitor CPU temps and they seem to be good. It is possible that over the years I’ve damaged parts while building it, the gpu has been moved around to a few different builds. Just not sure how to pin point what is actually broken.

Any help or ideas are appreciated, anything is possible at this point.

Any help or ideas are appreciated
your fps & settings sound more like you're using the onboard iGPU rather than the GPU.
if this isn't the case; test this GPU in another system and see if it performs as it should.

also make sure you have proper power settings inside Windows,
that you have BIOS settings properly set,
and that your power supply can properly support this system.

you have Corsair 1000w Gold listed in signature.
which doesn't say much, they have multiple gold rated 1000w versions.

then you have Nova 750 listed in OP.
have never seen any Nova brand that i remember so it could just be some cheap generic junk that is holding back your system.