Question Major sound and video stutter in and outside of games a couple minutes after booting.

Jul 30, 2020
I want to cut to the chase as I've been sitting on this for a while now and I'm at my wits end. I've recently got a new PC and only carried over my boot device from my old PC without reinstalling windows. At first everything was fine but i noticed that whenever i booted up my PC would stutter like crazy and after i restart it would be gone for the rest of the day and repeat that way for the next. I looked up how to fix this issue and after your usual "did you update your drivers yada yada" i was told to do a fresh install of windows. I didnt want to lose any of my data or settings so i chose the option that would save all of that. After that the issue only got worse. Stuttering would resume on its own after like 10 hours of run time and soon it would always start a couple minutes after booting every single time. I've looked for help on the microsoft forums but nothing helped. i checked the hardware as best i could at the time and couldnt isolate a part responsible after which i was told to do a full wipe of my system and completely reinstall windows from scratch. I did and the issue persisted. It drove me nuts so i got my old pc that was up for auction before and tried mixing and matching every single part i could and i could still not isolate the fault. my best bet is that the motherboard is faulty but when taking all the new parts BUT the motherboard and putting it on another i dont get to even boot in the first place so i dont have 100% confirmation that the other parts arent at fault. As im typing this i have all my old parts that i 100% know are working fine hooked up on the motherboard i suspect of failure and the system is still stuttering. ive already ordered a replacement but i fear that it may not be hardware related after all. is there anything else i can do (refer to the microsoft forums link i added to see what i already tried)
Update: my new motherboard arrives, i installed everything, made a fresh windows 10 install and its still stuttering. i dont know what im supposed to do here. i need help, please
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