Question Major System Issues

Aug 12, 2021
Homebuilt system, specs below:

Windows 10-64bit Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043
Intel i5 6600k
MSI MS-7998 Z170A SLI
32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600Mhz (replaced this week)
2TB Seagate HDD (replaced this week)
Nvidia 1060 6GB
600W Thermaltake PSU
1TB Samsung NVMe M.2

System has had on and off issues since first building (2016), just became major in last two months or so.

List of problems:
  • All web browsers (except Internet Explorer) fail to operate without clicking refresh until lucky. They return a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I have attempted troubleshooting for it to no avail.
  • Windows settings pages crash unexpectedly or will not open. Windows store will not function.
  • Windows will not update. Returns various error codes. I have attempted to use the troubleshooter to no avail.
  • A fresh install of windows presents the same problems (I utilized multiple flash drives to ensure the installation media was not corrupted)
  • Random program / game crashes. I have particular issues with games utilizing Unreal and Unity.
  • Most installations fail or stop unexpectedly, particularly with drivers.
  • Screen artifacts while using web browsers, watching videos or in some games.
  • Cannot setup login PIN for windows
  • Recieved multiple OOBEREGION AND OOBEKEYBOARD errors during install
  • Windows start menu works less than 50% of the time and search function is unreliable
  • Steam library and store is unusable, constantly tries to refresh
  • Sound in some games and videos crackles (tried using different speakers/headphones, the audio output on mobo vs. on monitor)
(Not complete) list of troubleshooting attempts:
  • Memtest on both old and new RAM, allowed for all passes to complete and no errors returned.
  • HDD's (both old and new) returned passes as well.
  • Ran burn-in test on GPU, temps were stable and no failures.
  • Clean install of windows (numerous times)
  • SFC and DISM multiple times with varying result codes. Sometimes it claims to have fixed the problem and others it cannot fix the problem.
  • Various internet troubleshooting guides on repairing various problems I have.
  • Used various anti-virus/malware to scan computer (all returning no threats)
  • Updated BIOS/chipset to latest version
  • Updated drivers for Realtek HD audio
I have used event viewer and tried dig further into problems in the past few days, receiving multiple ESENT (event ID 474) errors relating to a database corruption and checksum mismatch as well as notifications of the Windows Search Service terminating unexpectedly.


Jun 9, 2021
Nothing definitive, but there are still things you can try, in rough order of complexity:

CPU/RAM burn-in test with Prime95, if not already done.
Check case and house electric grounding, and sources of electromagnetic and other interference nearby, most easily done by taking the computer elsewhere and see if the problems are gone as if by magic.
Reconnect SSD and HDD to other M.2 and SATA ports, if available.
Redownload Win10 installation media on another computer and reinstall.
CPU swap.
PSU swap.
Motherboard swap.