Question Major Wifi Issues on Windows 10


Jan 23, 2013
I am currently working on a dell inspiron 7786 laptop. It is having wifi issues, the intel 9560ngw R that came stock in the laptop shows up in device manager but as an unknown device. I installed a spare intel AC 3160 which installed and worked, but would disconnect every once and a while, and prevent autodesk from opening because of the network issue(as well as take forever to load anything). So the AC 3160 does see networks, but the oem 9560 does not. I even ordered a known good 9560 and it has the same issue. Here are the troubleshooting steps i have tried thus far.

Network reset
Driver uninstal/reinstal (including straight from dell)
Dell Update Command
Several Network CMD commands to reset/renew IP and flush DNS.
I also tried using a USB WiFi adapter, which works but still loads slow and prevents autodesk from opening due to network issues.
Network troubleshooter for adapter
System was fully restored about a month ago.
Updates are current.
Performed BIOS update.

I find it strange that the non stock card recognizes networks and installs in device manager, but two identical ones that came stock in this computer do not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as i have been scratching my head over this for some time now.
Thank you in advance.