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Hi. I've been reading Exalted books for a
while now, and aching for a chance to play,
which I finally have. My character is a Dawn
caste Solar with normal starting points and
a "Eurpoean boxer" style character concept.
This means clinches are okay as an occasional
tactic, but I'd like to not base my whole
fighting style on them.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on
how to make this character somewhat viable
in mechanical terms. Unless I've missed
something really obvious, there are no dice
adder Charms in the Brawl tree. I knew that
Brawl was not the most effective combat
ability and chose it anyway for flavor, but
I'm realizing that I can never hit anyone
that has a Charm to add dice to blocks or
dodges because they'll have ~20 dice, and
I'll have ~10. I'm not so worried about
that now -- I cam fight mooks and other
starting-character opponents -- as I am
about where I will be 15 sessions down the
road when we start running serious Exalt-
vs-Exalt fights.

I'd welcome any mechanical suggestions.
My current Charm list is as follows:

Dragon Coil Technique
Ferocious Jab
Fists on Iron Technique
Heaven Thunder Hammer
Ox-Stunning Blow
Sledgehammer Fist Punch
Thunderclap Rush Attack
Ox-Body Technique x 3
Durability of Oak Meditation
Reed in the Wind

I will freely admit to not knowing the
Exalted rules expertly -- one of the reasons
I played a combative character (which is
unusual for me) is to learn them. By the
way, we aren't using Power Combat.

Thanks for any opinions,

-- Julian Mensch


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Stephenls wrote:

> Personally I suspect that the next edition of Exalted will include a
> mass combat system in the corebook, merge Brawl and Martial Arts into
> the same skill, and add a Tactics skill that covers "wielding" squads
> and armies.

Have you any evidence? It's an interesting speculation, but what data
back it up?
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Apr 15, 2004
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Il Sun, 10 Apr 2005 05:18:01 GMT, Stephenls <> ha

>merge Brawl and Martial Arts into
>the same skill, and add a Tactics skill that covers "wielding" squads
>and armies.

those would be good additions, but i somewhat expect not to find those
in the next release... unless exalted revised is goind to be really
incompatible with current edition, wich i find unlikely
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