Making a Gaming Computer with a budget


Dec 9, 2012
Hello, I'm pretty new to computers, I get some things but not everything about them so I'm far from a professional. I don't use these forums but I've seen lots of people get help on them concerning computers so I thought asking might be worth a shot.

I'm gonna try to build a computer for myself, but I want to get the most out of my money. I have in the worst case scenario $600 dollars to spend and in the best case maybe $800-$1000.

I use my computer mainly for gaming and YouTube and the internet in general. I really enjoy gaming so its the main goal behind building it. I'd like to start using a new gen processor like an i5 or i7. So for my budget I want to get the best gaming computer I can, that can run games with really good performance, nice graphics, and with the computer being very fast.

Any help is appreciated guys, thank you.