Making a shared folder the "My Documents" folde makes EVER..



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I am seeking for a solution to keep the "My Documents" folder of my Desktop PC and my Tablet PC in sync. My idea was to share the
"My Documents" folder of the Desktop, making the folder "Available Offline" on the TabletPC and then redirecting the TPC's "My
Documents" folder to this cached folder (using TweakUI).

In principle this solution works, but alas there is a major problem:

My TPC's harddisk is too small to hold the entire "My Documents" folder of my desktop. So I need to define a subset of the data that
should be "available offline" to avoid my TPCs HD from overflowing right away.

My approach was to first make the "My Documents" folder available offline (but NOT recursively but rather "this folder only" - since
there are a couple of files that I want to share right in that top-directory) plus a few selected subfolders of "My Documents" (for
which I chose "This folder and all its subfolders" to be available offline). So - in essence - I want a PARTIAL subtree of "My
Documents" to be cached to the TPC.

Before redirecting the My Documents folder I verified this and indeed, the My Documents folder (i.e. all the files it contains) and
a few selected subfolders of "My Documents" were available offline. Most subdirectories within the My Documents folder were NOT
available offline but only when there was a live connection to the desktop - all as intended at first.

As the second step I then redirected the TPC's special folder "My Documents" to the shared (and now cached) remote directory.

At first things look fine. One can access the offline folder, one can disconnect and the "My Documents" folder plus the couple of
selected folders remains available.

But after rebooting and connecting to the desktop again synchronization starts and - to my surprise - starts copying ALL subfolders
of "My Documents" to the TPC. And if one selects the My Documents folder or any of its subfolders and opens the context menu, then
the "Make Available Offline" entry is checked and grayed out, i.e. one can NOT even deselect any file nor folder of the remote "My
Documents" folder from being available offline!

Why is that so? Why does declaring a shared remote folder to be the "My Documents" folder make that ENTIRE FOLDER PLUS ALL ITS
SUB-FOLDERS "available offline"??? There must be some mechanism or "policy" that marks the ENTIRE subtree under the "My Documents"
folder as available offline, when this folder is a shared remote folder.

I went through the above procedure three times now, and it's fully repeatable!

Any ideas, to switch this mechanism off or overrule this? Other idea to solve this problem of keeping two "My Documents" folders in



Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?)

Ha - got it: this is a "group policy":
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files:
Do no automatically make redirected folders available offline: Enabled!