Making gaming pc, not sure which graphics card to get

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Jan 27, 2013
I'm currently trying to build a PC and it's the first time so i'm not sure which graphics card to get. I would prefer one under £200 but don't mind if it's over as long as it's worth it. I would be playing Minecraft with it and prefer high FPS, and i might also be playing games like Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3.
I would get a MSI GTX 660 Ti or EVGA GTX 660 FTW . If you have a higher budget the insanely powerful EVGA GTX 670 FTW or Radeon 7970 . The EVGA ones are very good on the warranty . The GTX 660 will give you extremely good FPS in games like BF3 on BO II Maxed out while the 7970 or GTX 670 FTW will give you insane FPS now and very good FPS in a few years.


Sep 28, 2012
Not sure why guy above said insane fps its not true. I have msi gtx 680 oc to 1202 and for bf3 maxed out everything on 1080 monitor I get about 80 fps but I use vsync which limits fps to 60 otherwise I get shuttering. 80 fps isnt too insaine games are ment to ran at 60fps but anything above 30 fps is perfectly fine but you want at least 30 not average because any dip befow 30 you will see lagging and bf3 not the hardest to run. If your playing games like cod which are a essentially very easy to run a 7950 and 660 will be fine but if you have the money get a better card like 660ti or 7970 so your card last longer. 660ti and 7970 should let you run far cry 30fps with high to very high settings more towards high though. If you have the money get a 670 its a great card. Any card you get I suggest msi or asus because they cool extremely well. I have no preference over d or nvidia but I only owned nvidia and as far as I know they have better and faster with driver updated but crossfire is more flexible when adding another card then sli. Anymore questions?
I saw vids of single 660 Ti s going 50-85 FPS which IMO is very good for 1600x900 gaming (resolution played on). The GTX 670s and 7970 were going at about 80 average with 120 Tops!
10-15: Bad
17-25: Meh
26-30: Good
31-40: Very Good
41-50: Really good
51-60:Extremely good
61-70: Overkill
71-80+: You destroyed the game


Oct 7, 2012
Get this card:

Made by a great company and has a good cooling solution for less money than the other brands. Best bang-for-the-buck GPU out there, IMO. They even have a step up guarantee so if you don't like the card or if it isn't enough, you can send it back and they'll charge you the difference for a new generation card one model better once they come out. They only give you 90 days, but the 7xx series might come out before then. You never know...
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