Question Making my old / first XPS 15 live

Mahesh Abnave

Apr 21, 2013
I have first XPS 15 L502X which was launched in october 2010.
It recently its screen was giving a lot of problem. So I opened it fully and cleaned it and put it back. It kept me giving 4 or 2 beep alerts which mean memory error. So, I tried several combinations of RAMs and slots. It did not work. Then I tried without any RAM. It failed. But then after that, it worked for both RAMs. But then again failed with beeps and then worked. Point is, its not stable. Plus in all that efforts, I broke its screen bracket. Anyway screen was giving an issue. So I thought that what if I totally detach the screen and connect directly to external monitor. But according to this link, it seems that its not possible. I tried and it is giving me 5 beeps alert which is display error. Currently, it is again failing to start. So I was thinking its time to say bye bye this machine.

Somehow I dont feel to, as it contains:
  • Core i7 2630QM
  • 16 GB DDR 3 RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
Full specs / component list here.
What could be the best way I can reuse these / maximum of these / possibly all components to form stable system? I thaught if I can build a mini PC, but seems that there is no motherboard which can support this processor, at least not available now in India. But can I use SSD and RAM in some mini PC? Can someone suggest any motherboard / NUC kit etc? Or else am I left with only option of using SSD with external USB adapter or in some other machine and discard both RAM and processor? Or do you still think I can still fix this machine well?