[SOLVED] Making ssd main os/making drive main

Jan 2, 2019
So i have a few things I want to do with my desktop pc and will hopefully explain in depth so people can help and point me in the right direction.
First drive specs: C drive (has os on it is a hdd 1tb)
E drive (is my Samsung 500gb ssd has some games on it)
D drive (is a adata 120gb ssd has some programs on it)

So in short I want to make my pc/windows to boot and run on my E drive (ssd) instead of it currently booting/being installed on my C.

I also want all main files automatically choose to install on my ssd (E) and make my C drive mass storage. ( idk if this is possible)

I don’t mind resetting my pc (I probably will when I move or reinstall windows some how)

I have attempted multiple ways to move or reinstall windows but all attempts have failed. I have tried marking a bootable usb to reinstall windows, and have tried to clone my c drive but it got corrupted part way through and stopped at some point it was kinda doggy thing.

Apparently Samsung ssds are hard to work with but if some one has successfully done this before please reply with the software or method you used. I can also send pictures to help if anyone needs.

Would really appreciate if someone could help as I’ve had the ssd for a few months and haven’t been able to use it in the best way.

Thanks again! (Sorry bout any spelling mistakes I’m currently on mobile)


Mar 16, 2013
First, disregard (mostly) the drive letter thing.

You want the OS on the SSD?
(Yes, you do)

2 ways to accomplish this:

1. Clean install on the SSD. This requires a reinstall of everything else as well.
Details to follow later.

2. Cloning from the current OS drive, the 1TB, to the 500GB SSD
This requires that the current used space on the 1TB is below 400GB.

So how much space is consumed on your current 1TB drive?


Oct 15, 2016
If you're not worried about some data loss/clean start then the easiest solution is to unplug everything BUT your E drive and to run the windows install on that drive/format it. By default all programs installed will go on that operating systems drive - so that solves that issue as well. You'll lose all your games on the solid state drive with this option, but if it's just games from steam or something then they can always be reinstalled.

After the operating system is installed you can then plug in both your HDD and smaller SSD - at which point when you go to start windows it will show a dual boot screen, here you will want to choose the version of windows 10 located on your SSD. After windows loads you will want to open msconfig and to go to the 'boot' tab under it, there you will be able to delete the boot option for your OLD windows on your HDD so that it doesn't pose an issue anymore via booting windows. From there you can proceed to clean/remove old files from your HDD that you don't deem necessary.