Question Making use of GearVr controller in windows? (bluetooth trackpad)


Aug 19, 2015
Hey, Ive been trying to set up my GearVR controller as a trackpad/ multimedia controller in windows 10. I have tried UniversalControlRemapper but it fails to detect the controller whatsoever. There is also a github project for rebinding the buttons on it but I couldnt even install the program (.NET framework errors but my .NET is perfectly fine). My main interest is making use of the trackpad, binding a mouseclick to the trigger perhaps, and volume controls as the controller would be perfect for sitting on the couch watching a movie etc.
So far, I have just paired the controller via bluetooth to my PC, but cant recognise any inputs. Anybody got an idea?


The requirement being that the GearVR controller trackpad emulates a Windows 10 touchpad - correct?

Maybe A-Frame?

Windows Touchpad Gestures would be the starting point:


You will need code that accepts input from the GearVR device, recognizes the input, matches the input to some list or table of corresponding touchpad commands, and then executes the applicble touchpad command.

For example (overly simplistic I believe) a trigger pull on the GearVR is sent and the code (running on the Windows 10 computer) sees "trigger pulled" and equates that to some gesture, that is in turn recognized by Windows as "mute the volume". Or some other desired action.

Possibly helpful would be Powershell's Get-TouchPad cmdlet.


Just my thoughts on the matter.


You are welcome.

Remember start simple : maybe volume up/down or mute on/off.

Once you have code that works for one GeaVR button then that code may serve as a template for other commands.

Always save a copy of the code you are testing. Then if the test does not work, you can delete the code, paste in and edit the copy for whatever changes you believe are necessary. Then save that copy.....etc., etc..

Saves lots of retyping.....