Question Malware still on device after a clean install ?

Jun 21, 2022
While playing first person shooter, i noticed that my gpu and cpu were reaching the maximum usage and overheating. I got suspicious and decided to download a virus software, and there was indeed a Trojan in the system files. After running a scan the software detected the malware and removed it, but it would always come back after i restart the laptop.
It was located in system/nividia /drivers.
I did a "Reset this PC" and it also did not work, the virus software detected the same malware, so i did a clean install.

After the clean install the antivirus softwares did not detect anything (i used multiple softwares).
The cpu and gpu still overheat but the usage is low, and the frames are not consistent.

A weird thing that i have noticed is that through the xtu software the Turbo boost power max option would often increase and decrease itself, ranging from 33.000 watts to 90.000 watts.

Laptop model:


Rtx 2070
Intel i7
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