News Mandalorian-Themed Beskar SSDs Prove Seagate Knows the Way

$160 for a 1TB SATA SSD with a themed shell that probably won't even be seen once installed, with performance that's guaranteed to be very similar to other 1TB SATA SSDs costing around $100 or so. They "know the way" to maximizing profits.
: D

At least the external drive is more likely to be visible, and gets some RGB lighting to complete the look, helping to justify it's price premium a bit more.
Are there REALLY that many people out there with actual Star Wars themed PCs? Enough to justify making and entire series of products based on it? If there are, they must be hiding them, because aside from one or two, I haven't run into them and I'm pretty regularly looking around for custom themed or modded systems online. I mean, I'm sure there are some, but not sure there's enough to warrant that kind of investment by Seagate. And just as being something "different", eh.

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I just want plain ram modules without any lighting or any design. Will I ever be able to find those again? If not can I have mine adorned in Damascus steel? Lol I want to pretend that I’m a Naruto character with a sword so my son will think I’m cool


I guess that's true. I would spend exactly the same extra that you would. And I AM a Star Wars fan. But I don't need Star Wars hardware in my PC unless it's ACTUAL Star Wars technology. LOL.
Star Wars fan as well. You've seen some of the stuff I've printed for my little buddy, the "Littlest Jedi" and his mom.
(he's now 3 yrs old, and not really doing any better)