Question Manual Multiplier on Ryzen doesnt reboot on BIOS exit

Mar 28, 2019
I recently built a Ryzen 5 2600x on a ASUS prime b450. I was using a old 680 watt power supply but when i set an OC some of my games would crash on launch and cause the computer to shut off completely and instantly, this issue happened on my old rig at stock settings too, which is why i built the new one. when i set the 2600x to factory everything ran stable with no issues so i figured the issue was the power supply. I replaced the PSU with a seasonic 750 prime gold, but now when i try to set a manual multiplier and save and exit BIOS, the computer will not restart. this happens even if i manually set to stock 36. i have to turn off the computer and then back on to get a basic boot and get brought to a bios boot failure screen, where i can go back into BIOS. it still lets me OC the ram and i can set manual voltage but post PSU swap i cannot touch the multiplier in BIOS. i can OC in windows using ASUS's software with no issues seen. Does anyone have any ideas about the BIOS OC issue?
I suggest two things: First is to do a CMOS reset to clear out settings that may be causing problems.

Now download and install AMD's RyzenMaster software. It's a very cool utility from AMD that helps loading and testing overclock settings from within Windows. You can change CPU voltages and multiplier settings within Windows and do not have to reboot to test them out.
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