Question Many games stutter when above 60fps ?

Dec 8, 2022
in a number of games such as assassins creed, uncharted 4, fortnite, spider man, god of war, warzone 2, if i set the frame rate any higher than 60 (61-144)it will be stuttery regardless if i put it on low settings or not, not sure what the issue is. Would especially prefer to play fortnite at 144 low instead of 60fps high but my computer wont allow it without major stutter and overclocking doesnt help.

Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT
Ryzen 5 3600
16gb ddr4 3200 ram
Asrock b450m tomahawk max
650W PSU
Monitor Gigabyte G27Q
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

650W PSU
650W is the advertised wattage of the PSU, what is the make and model of the unit and it's age?

Asrock b450m tomahawk max
ASRock never made a Tomahawk B450 chipset motherboard. MSI, on the other hand have a B450M Tomahawk Max motherboard in their portfolio. So, are you working with an ASRock motherboard and placed the wrong motherboard model or are you working with an MSI motherboard but mistakenly put ASRock in there? BIOS version for your motherboard at this moment of time?

You forgot to include the storage for your build.