Question Many reboot issues after power outage

Aug 5, 2020
Hi, so there was a windows update pending but i rarely shut down my computer. Then a power outage happened.

I couldn't boot the computer anymore, the screen was lit and receiving signal but only a black screen showed.
At first i thought the cpu died because the EZ debug led VRAM was lit up red on the mobo. Then I unplugged the power cable, and the day after the computer started, but i couldn't access my profile it showed "user profile service failed to logon".

And when i go into debug mode by resetting the computer 3 times during the windows boot, it seems broken, i get the error "sihost.exe unknown hard error" then it takes forever to load I don't even have access to the explorer, i can only access the task manager and it seems like one of my arrow key or home/end key is stuck as all the options keeps getting hightlighted one by one continuously.

I tried deleting .bak extension on my sid in regedit and creating new user profile using netwizpl but i can't select the newly created profile for whatever reason.

I can only try a couple of things because after few restarts, the black screen at the boot comes back and i have to unplug and try a few hours later ..
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