Map network drive using firewire?


Oct 10, 2006
Okay I hope this isn't too far out there but please understand that I am trying to solve a video problem, or rather, create a solution.

I own a camcorder that uses a Firestore hard drive so that I can shoot "tapeless". It stores about three hours of footage in DV format.

Here's what I'd like to do:
I'd like to be able to connect the Firestore to a PC running Windows Server 2003 via the Firestore's IEEE1394 firewire I/O to the IEEE1394 I/O on the PC and transfer the files from the Firestore when it gets full so that I can wipe it out and continue shooting more footage.

Once I have all this wonderful footage on the PC, I'd like to connect it to ANOTHER PC running XP Pro SP2 via IEEE1394 in the hopes that both machines "see each other".

In the best of all worlds for me, the XP machine would "see" the server as a new drive, if this is possible. If not I'd like the XP machine to "map network drive" and use the server's drive as the network drive, again via IEEE1394 so that I can utilize the higher data throughput and edit directly from the server, or if THAT isn't possible then I'd at least like to be able to rapidly transfer the files from the server to the XP machine.

I am hoping that at least ONE of these scenarios can be made to work!

Any thoughts?

JeffH in TX
Deep Freeze Video
You can map the firewire drive to your Windows XP box. if you want to edit the footage, I recommend transferring the file to your local hard drive, rather than editing off of an external hard drive on another computer.
Be sure to share the firewire drive on the Windows 2003 server.
Then you can map it to any machine on your network.