Market for X300 and FX5200/5100/MXxxxx anymore?

This is actually a serious question.

As much as we LOVE to make fun of the crap model out there, I really think that they are in desperate danger of being replaced by competent integrated graphics.

Until now we haven't seen much worthy of not, the RS300/IGP9100 was an interesting thing, but the tru FX5200 and a good R9100/9200 could show appreciable improvment.

However with the introduction of the Intel Extreme 3 (Yes I know it's no longer called that, but the GMA900 sounds bland in comparison) do the graphics card makers have to re-examine their crap of the line, I mean value cards and think, damn that's gonna hurt us unless we make something better.

Look at Sudhain's recent review (read it @ 3AM Saturday actually expected to see it here before me posting, but glad to intro it :wink: );

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

<A HREF="" target="_new">This section in particular</A> shows that while the X300 (not known if it's an SE mind you) does ok, the Integrated doesn't do too poorly despite having no hardware vertex shader support and hogging resources.

If this is indeed not an SE but a full blown X300, then the low end line has become obsolete, especially for those who will have to buy a new board anyways, why add the X300/PCX5xxx when the onboard will do nicely for light gaming?

Hopefully if anything this just pushes things forward an makes the 'value' segment respectable.

What do you guys think?

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Dec 31, 2007
It'll be interesting to see what the OEMs do. Does the new intel integrated support DVI?

Maybe X300 will replace Rage as the server onboard graphics chipset of choice.

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Ya they needed to improve their crap line. ERR value line. I like crap better. dell and the rest of them needed better vid cards.

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