Mass Effect 3 Vs Skyrim

Mss Effect 3 Vs Skyrim

  • Mass effect 3

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • Skyrim

    Votes: 8 80.0%

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Ultimate Gohan

Feb 22, 2012
Hii guys,
I own both games but i think mass effect 3 is better out of both . Both are the best rpg games ever made in opinion . I have completed 3/4th of mass effect 3 while i have just played 10 hours on skyrim , once i beat mass effect 3 i will start to play skyrim.

In mass effect 3 there u can play the game as rpg mode or action mode in action mode dialogues will be choosen for u and it will play as cutscenes and rpg
mode is as usual as mass effect 1 and 2.

Most of the people are telling skyrim is better than me3 because of the game length . Story length of skyrim is just 30 hours but side missions are around 200 hours length . Mass effect 3 will be around 30 hours plus it has multiplayer which will definetly last u upto 30-50 hours . Also Mass effect 3 has cutscenes while skyrim doesnt have cutscenes . Most of the skyrim players will not spend more than 60 hours in that game only a few will spend around 100 hours .

You wont like skyrim if u dont like rpg games but u will like mass effect 3 whether u or an rpg guy or not because of 2 things :
1. U can altogether skip rpg mode and choose action mode .
2. Even if u choose to play in rpg mode still u wont get bored because it has better story, and it is also action, tps and sci fiction.

Generally Mass effect 3 will be appealing to many rpg as well as non rpg gamers because the game is modern rpg while skyrim is ancient type.

Maybe i might also be wrong but after beating both games i will post my final opinion about both games. If u are a fan of rpg games u will definetly like these games . Even if u are nt rpg fan u might like them so give it a try whether u like skyrim or not but definetly u will like mass effect 3

Guys tell me which game do u like the most and specifify the reason why like it . God Bless


Apr 18, 2011
Skyrim was the better rpg and the better game in general. The ME saga is a better storyline than Skyrim alone, but Elder Scrolls is significantly better than the Mass Effect story by any applicable metric. Certainly voting Skyrim, which has done a lot to take care of its fans since release as well (whereas Bioware's arm was twisted to add some sketchy extension of the ending, while still charging for the formerly on-disk DLC).
I haven't played either yet. I'm waiting for more DLCs / expansions to be released before buying them.

My vote is for Skyrim. Just like all other Bethesda's RPG games, Skyrim has lots of user made mods which add contents, change how the game plays and the possibility of total conversions.

Mass Effect 3 is a very good game in it's own way. But regardless if you make Paragon or Renegade choices, the game ends the same way. It is extremely linear. While there is likely to have a lot of DLCs (just like ME2), the game is basically locked from user mods.

In my opinion, the best fantasy RPG is Morrowind. Yes, I liked more than Baldur's Gate. The best sci-fi RPG is Fallout 3. Star Wars: KOTOR 1 comes close, but it have a very linear story.


Sep 23, 2011
Haven't played ME3 but I own ME1 and 2.

Skyrim wins hands down just for the fact that it can be modded to add more replayablity to it.

I love Space themed games but for some reason ME just can't keep me intrested in it.

I still think morrowind wins over both tho. =P