Jul 1, 2020
I installed a DeepCool Gammax 400 to my Intel I76700k rather than my old stock intel cooler after 5 years so it would be quieter when talking to friends and this has became my worst nightmare. My first new cooler I ordered had a broken pin and had issues being installed so I had to wait 3 days for a new Cooler to come in the mail to even use my PC safely then I tried playing a match of league of legends after I installed it all fine and dandy (made sure to use cpu paste and clean off old residue from last paste) but my FPS kept on dropping and when it was stable it was really choppy. I loaded up Minecraft since it was the only other game I have on my new CPU and the same issues married. Any way to fix this? I didn't know that switching my CPU cooler would become so depressing and keep me off my PC for almost a week so far
I read some post with similar issues and they said they just misinstalled the CPU cooler but I don't believe I did it wrong at all and I don't wanna try redoing it since I heard you need to put on new cpu paste everytime you change or take off the cooler. Is their anyway maybe I am overloading my PSU with the new cooler yet I don't see how these issues would have anything to do with my FPS.
Ways I have tried to troubleshoot: Got the same CPU cooler from Amazon and tried replacing it ( yes I made sure I did the CPU paste right)
I reseated the RAM and made sure it was in the right area which seemed to help the chopiness a bit but now whenever I get into a fight or something more graphically intense in a game it chokes up and goes to 1 fps or so.
Unigine Heaven Bench Mark Results (Screenshot): comments
PLEASE help <3 (Copied post from Reddit so if any formatting issues that is why)