[SOLVED] Massive FPS drop and audio stuttering on GTX 970

Jan 19, 2019
This problem cropped up fairly recently, not following any particular update that I know of.
I track my temps and usage using Afterburner and cross referencing task manager performance tab.
During all games, especially World of Warcraft, my game will suddenly drop to 1-2 fps, the audio will stutter and loop, both for the game and any youtube in the background. My GPU usage usually shoots up to 100%, when it would normally be running around 40% (with capped fps).
Typing /reload in WoW, which literally reloads the game, giving a few seconds of non-intensive loading screen, usually fixes this problem until it comes back. Similar options in other games such as using a bonfire (loading screen) in Dark souls 3 fixes it also (usually). It happens regardless of graphics settings and isn't isolated to WoW, as it happened in dark souls 3 and csgo also.
My Temps are very good. 100% load gpu is about 65 degrees and 100% cpu is about 55 degrees.
A few times my PC has crashed when the game fully froze and the audio stuttered continuously.
My Specs:
CPU - Intel i5-4590
RAM - 8gb DDR3
GPU - MSI gtx 970
PSU - EVGA 550w
MOBO - MSI B85 G43
Storage - 250g SSD + 1tb HD
Nothing Overclocked.

Things I've tried.
Updating all drivers and rolling back GPU driver which was already current. Rolling back the GPU driver seemed to help for a few days then the issue came back.
Checking for virus's with 3 different softwares.
Reinstalling Windows 10
Cleaning PC and reseating cords.
Checking all background processes in task manager.

I'm not sure how to fix this. It seems odd that simply taking stress off the GPU for a few seconds seems to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've searched many forums for fixes to this problem.

Jan 15, 2019

My GPU is GTX 1070ti, currently my driver version is 4.11 (newest driver is 4.17 which not optimized in some game caused vga running nearly 100% but lagging fps)