Question Massive GPU underclock?


Sep 5, 2016

So for my own reasons, I need a video card that performs so bad that it cannot run games, but is good enough for basic use like web browsing, video playback, and other basic applications like Microsoft Office.

I did research on this, and found out that I can use nibitor to edit clockrates with vBIOS. I'll sacrifice a spare GT610 I have lying around. The card is not supported by nibitor, but from my understanding I can still use the software to edit the vBIOS file, and then flash it using other software from a bootable MS-DOS disk. But here is the problem, I don't tend to mess around with videos cards, so other than the information I found, I am running totally blind on this. It's not a big deal if I screw the card up (i'd prefer not to) but I need some guidance.

Could anyone provide me with a link to some guide of a sort that can set me on the right path? How low can I set the clockrates, would, for example, setting them too low cause the video card to not work? Is what I am even trying to do possible?

Please note that for good reason I am not interested in temporary underclocking on the software side like MSI Afterburner, I need the card to be permanently changed into desired performance, and vBIOS flashing seems ideal for that reason.