Question Massive Hardware Issue


Dec 27, 2017
Hello all. My current PC contains the following: B350M
XFX RX580 4gb
Bronze 450
32gb gSkill Trident 3200
Not sure about CPU

The other day I was playing Fortnite with my son and my computer just shut off. I was pretty much done for the day so I just went downstairs and started lunch.
The next day I sat down to play with him and my computer wouldn't turn on. After checking the power switch jumper I assumed it was my power supply, so I picked up a 650 bronze and put it in. Still nothing. Ended up taking it to a local smart person place (Micro Center) and they ran some tests in front of me and told me it was my motherboard. So I picked out a new motherboard and had them install it because I had no desire to deal with thermal paste. They called me a few days later saying that with the new motherboard everything was running. I picked it up, brought it home, plugged it in, nothing. Got pretty annoyed, took it back to them and they didn't know why it wasn't working. They were telling me that something had happened in the 7 minutes it took me to drive it from there to my house. They popped out my graphics card and everything started up just fine so now they're telling me I need a new graphics card. So my conclusion is that they either either lied to me about everything working the other day, or my graphics card spontaneously burned out on the way home. Any thoughts?
In my own dealings with MicroCenter they have been nothing but stand up. I have no reason to think they would lie to you about it working or their opinion on what would fix it.

We could assume that some electrical event occurred at that shutdown that fully and/or partially damaged some of your components. It seems as if the motherboard was the main culprit and the damage to the GPU had not fully caused failure yet.



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