Question Massive lnput lag with PS4 controller on gaming laptop ?

Oct 15, 2022
I have a MSI Katana GF66 gaming laptop with a PS4 controller. The input lag is nasty. When its wired, its not as bad, but on bluetooth, its horrid, games are unplayable. I updated all drivers, bluetooth drivers, intel drivers, straight off Intel/MSI Website. I've done all Windoze updates. Its a clean Win10 install so I know there are no viruses/malware. The controller works fine on my desktop PC but on this laptop the lag is terrible. I have talked to other people with this laptop who do not have this issue. What gives? Anything?
Latency issues always boils down to:
  • Low quality Bluetooth adapters (most integrated ones)
  • High radio interference near the adapter
  • Too many devices connected to the adapter
  • Not using the correct/updated BT adapter's driver