Question Massive stutters after cleaning

Dec 22, 2018
Hello, I was cleaning my pc with a air compressed can, and I mistakenly held it to an extent to where the liquid came out. It got on my case fans, gpu, and maybe my cpu fan and heatsink. After that issue I started getting massive stutters and I notice that while I'm typing it kinda freezes or stutters a little. What can I do?
I think you might have damaged some of the PC components with the liquid which came out while cleaning. 'Just my guess though'. Have you tried to wipe the liquid from the components. Remove and clean the CPU fan, and check the heat sink as well. Reapply thermal paste, if need be.

But I would suggest you take out each component of your PC, and check for some any signs of damage. Try to reseat all the components properly on your motherboard abck, once you have checked them. Check the PSU cables as well. What are your FULL PC specs, by the way ?

Did the liquid spill on the MOBO as well ?