Question Massive Upgrade, A Few questions


Apr 5, 2017
Howdy all, so currently im in the planning stages for pretty much a complete upgrade which you can see here what ive already chosen this build will be about 30% gaming and 70% video production (Already have a gpu which i will not be upgrading yet) and so my questions are

  1. does anybody have this specific cooler? ive tried to find reviews and benchmarks for it but i can only find the normal 360 and not the TR4 version so i would like to know how it performs or if anybody has some good benchmark results for TR4 AIOs.
  2. i could do with advice on fans, Ideally some good performance ones that dont sound like jet engines.
  3. Fan controller, ideally i would like a way to control both case fans and AIO fans from the desktop but im not 100% sure how to go about this. but i would also be open to say a dial
  4. RGB, i would like for most things to be RGB but there are times where i would like to turn the RGB off so its just a dark case (Mainly at night when watching a movie or something) since they can be a little annoying in a dark room with the pc being right next to my monitors
  5. Case Suggestions, i chose the view 71 because it looks nice and it seems they fit a 360 AIO in, however if anybody can suggest a case with a good apperance, fits a 360 AIO and has room for a disk drive to be installed then even better. (Please keep a side pannel though)
If anybody has suggestions on the build itself feel free to comment and let me know them, my current part list comes to around £2300 and im looking at spending about £3000 at most but cheaper than that is a clear bonus haha.

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