Question MasterAir MA610P RGB or, Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition ? ---Please Suggest-- URGENT

Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P RGB or, Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition? --- SELECT ONE

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  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

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Mar 4, 2013
Hi, I need to buy a good CPU air cooler. I have narrowed down my searches to the following two coolers--
  • Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA610P RGB
  • Cooler Master HYPER 212 RGB Black Edition
Both of them have their own pros & cons and that's making me confused.

Points to be considered
  1. Size & Space:-- MA610P is little bigger in terms of heat sink's size and uses 6 heat pipes instead of 4 which matters, since its primary task is to dissipate heat as much as it can. Although, Hyper 212 black does consume less space and leaves room for memory modules.
  2. Fans:-- MA610P comes with two fans out of the box whereas, Hyper 212 black offers only one. However, MA610P fans are custom shaped and use OEM proprietary style of attaching them to heatsink. Those fans are not replaceable. So, I would be basically stuck if they start malfunctioning.
  3. Looks:-- MA610P's outer case and RGB lines on it looks cool. Eye catching aesthetics. Hyper 212 Black Edition also looks good with its new gun metal / carbon finish. ( I actually would be happier if MA610P had the same modern dark finish.)
  4. Fan airflow:-- MA610P-- 53.38 CFM • Hyper 212 black-- 57.3 CFM
  5. Fan air pressure:-- MA610P-- 1.65 mmH2O • Hyper 212 black-- 2.0 mmH2O
  6. Max fan speed:-- MA610P-- 1800 RPM • Hyper 212 black-- 2000 RPM
Please suggest me the better one among the two.

Thanks in advance.


Mar 4, 2013
A better question: What are you trying to cool?
Is it the cpu in the signature? If so, pick whichever one you really want, as either is plenty for an i5-3470.
Yes i5 3470. It's more than just cooling since all the other factors are also involved. Please let me know which one would be better among the two? :rolleyes:
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All those other points are largely irrelevant.
The HAF 912 Combat has a roomy 175mm clearance for cpu air coolers.
The Hyper 212 is 159mm tall and causes no issues with memory compatibility.
The MA610P is 166mm tall and can interfere with the 1st of 4 ram slots, but you have some room to raise the front fan a few millimeters if need be. Though, most dual channel setups should be using the 2nd and 4th slots.

Now, with the chassis and ram compatibility out of the way...
The 3470 is a 77w cpu - maybe 90w under a Prime 95 load. Both of those coolers are more than enough for it, and are at the point of overkill; the larger MA610P won't 'wipe the floor' with the Hyper 212.

Pick based on looks.