Question Masterfan MF120 Halo w/Lian Li Galahad


Sep 22, 2014
First I would like to apologize as this may be a stupid question and I probably screwed up big time.

I purchased a Lian Li Galahad 240mm AIO and I decided to replace the Lian Li stock fans with MF120 halos (x2 for the AIO and 1 for the case), with the intent that all the RGB effect would be the same and in sync. My execution of that idea sucked, I am so confused and I'm so new to RGB in general that I don't know where, how to start and if I am missing components to make it work.

In the graph below from Lian Li's manual where it says 'Connect to R1 or S1', I noticed that connector must be Lian Li's proprietary because I could not find anything about it. Since I won't be using their RGB stock fans, does this means that I could just ignore that part and I will just connect the pump to the 'CPU fan pump header' of my motherboard and then daisy chain the 3 Halo fans and then connect them to the JRainbow (MSI's ARGB) header in the motherboard? Would I be able to control and sync the fans' RGB from MSI's dragon Center and their Mystic light software respectively?

I have been researching this for the last 2 days and I feel clueless at this point. Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance.