Question MasterLiquid 240 Lite Pump specs and matchups


Jun 5, 2017
The MasterLiquid 240 Lite from CoolerMaster is literally on sale for $36.99 right now in the U.S on Newegg. I just recently built an NR200p pc and as infuriating as it was, I didn't realize when buying everything that the Scythe Fuma 2 would block the HDD when trying to mount on both of its available mounting options. For just being $60 its a really good deal with good performance but the compatibility in my system is tough and I can't even close the side panel due to the hard drive just sticking out of the case. When looking for a new cooler I checked FB Marketplace, found some pretty good deals but nothing solid, and just for <Mod Edit> and giggles checked the 240mm AIO's lowest price on PcPartPicker expecting it to be at or around $60 but found a MasterLiquid 240 Lite for $37, so my question is what is the pump specifications on it, due to not being able to find it in a google search, and how well does it match up to higher more competitive air coolers and AIO's. And lastly, I had an ML240R RGB in another build I built but just didn't take a liking to it due to its insanely tedious and difficult mounting, which I probably got defected or something. There is also another deal on an Enermax Liqmax III 240 as well on PcPartPicker for $52.99, which would be better? Can Replace fans as well with decently built fans (Arctic P12's) so I wouldn't have to run default on either of them, that's why I am asking pump specs and not full system specs. The Matchups dont have to be against AIO's, can go with both for up to 155mm tall Aircoolers and below 137mm width, which is what the Fuma 2 is, thank you.

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not sure if this would matter at all especially in a case like this but,
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