News Matrox Teams up With Nvidia for Video Wall Graphics Cards

Gavin Greenwalt

Jul 18, 2015
I remember the Matrox G400 Dual Head. Awesome to have dual monitors and accelerated bump mapping but the second buggiest, most inconsistent, worst GPU purchase I've ever made. (Worst GPU award goes to the voodoo Rush card)
Hasn't Matrox had been in the Video Wall business for quite a while? Whose GPU chips have they been using until now? I clicked the article, hoping to find out.

Matrox has never really invested or reinvented their architecture since the G400. They just kept updating it with minor updates for process nodes.

However if you ever run a DXCaps on their products, you will see they are WOEFULLY outdated in terms of HW Support. As windows the OS has advanced, there's a certain minimum of HW support that their products just won't do well. Selling windows 7 (DX11) is no longer an option (DX11 was just a superset of DX10) DX11 is now 12 years old believe it or not. (Gamescon 08 is when it came out.)

As advanced features are often a requirement for modern platforms, I can see where this became cost prohibitive for Matrox because of the niche market. DX12 has some hefty requirements. Thus it's cheaper to tweak existing platforms and resell them. But make no mistake, I'm betting this is just same girl in a new dress.
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You mean they've continued using their own chips? I thought they'd already been using somebody else's, for a while now.

Far as I knew. Last time I got one of their cards (4 years ago) it appeared technically the same as what they did with the G400 and G450 in terms of caps. They had one in a presentation room they asked me to look at because it was acting wonky with the software they wanted to use on it.

But they have multiple product lines. It is possible some of their MH chips are outsourced.
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