Matshita dvd-ram-UJ-8505 ATA


Oct 8, 2011
I can occasionally play one CD on my F Drive and then inexplicably it will not read CDs, only DVDs and I never know when it is going to read CDs again. When I check the status in properties it says the CD is working but it is not. Is there some change I can make in the configuration to ensure that it will read CDs as well as DVDs?

Give this a try: Works for Vista, XP, maybe even Win 7.

- "Run" Regedit
- search for "PxHelp20.sys"
- Rename the folder "PxHelp20" to "_PxHelp20". (This is in th left pane that shows the folder tree like thing)

Done !

I could start setup programs, listen to audio on CDs, immediately after closing the Regedit program.

PS: If it works for you also, "Best Answer" would be Nice ! :bounce: