Question Matx good air flow

Oct 14, 2020
Hey all,

i have a phanteks p300a on my pc which has good reviews and air flow, and also have a nox coolbay mx2 in storage but the psu is on top.
was thinking of going back for a matx case since this will be in my living room next to my ps4, so dont want a big case.

any ideas of any case? Good air flow and matx.
been reviewing some videos on youtube but i just find atx cases which are too big or then atx cases that seem like a Christmas tree flashing all around.

I have been using a Silverstone TJ-08E MATX case for a long while.

It is very compact, particularly the depth at 15.5" which is the dimension I needed most.
The front 180mm intake provides plenty of airflow; I run it only using the half speed switch.
A rear 120mm exhaust of no particular note directs the airflow through the NH-D15s cooler and past the graphics card.
A simple CPU-Z stress test tops out about 65c.
As a plus, the front air filter is easily removeable and washable. My parts stay clean.