Question Max Amps and safe connectors

Jul 6, 2020
Hello all,

I have some questions that I cant seem to find a straight forward answer online. It does make sense to me, however if anyone can chirp in and confirm that would be fantastic :)

1.) "XSPC 8-Way 5V 3-pin RGB Fan Splitter" | Maximum total power output: 6.5A (32.5W)

Now since there are 8 individual ports, does that mean each port can handle up to 0.8125A?

Simply dividing the number of Amps to the number of ports leads to me that number. Now if this is true, a 1-4 splitter should work as long as it doesnt exceed the max allowed Amps per port on the hub correct?

2.) "StarTech SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable + SATA Power Extension Cable"

Is it safe to use SATA power extension cables on a SATA splitter?

3.) "Swiftech 8-Way PWM Splitter with SATA Power Connector"

Having it powered through SATA, does that mean there is no regard to max Amps?

I currently have 2 Phanteks PWM fan hubs that clearly state "30W Total MAX" but the Swiftechs do not. I wont be plugging in Delta fans into them but still curious.

Thank you