Question Max Clock speed issue - Intel Core i7-8700k

Feb 13, 2019
Hello, a few days ago i turned on Turbo Mod on AVG (An antivirus and PC tuneup software) to see if i'd see a difference in gaming, i really didn't, so i went back to normal mode. But ever since then my clock speed has been at the max.
Im not really sure how i can fix this so far the only way I've seen it go down if i put the PC on Energy save mode (Via AVG) but it drops to like 800MHz which i think is to low.

I'm not really a computer expert so if anyone can help please let me know.
Here are my specs:

Is the behavior normal if the AVG application in question is completely turned off? You might need to suspend AVG from even launching at all (modify 'startup' in task manager) if the application is somehow invoking some sort of AVG-induced high-duty cycle/and/or overclocking routine...)

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