Question Max overclock Xeon X5450 settings

Feb 21, 2019
Asus P5E VM HDMI bios version 0709 (latest with microcodes added)
Xeon X5450 (stock 3.00ghz) revision C0
8gb Corsair XMS2 xtreme DDR2 800mhz (4x2gb sticks)
Corsair VS450w psu
Corsair Case Fans
BeQuiet Pure Rock CPU Heatsink and CPU Cooler
1TB WesternDigital HDD
(adding this after stable overclock) EVGA GTX 1050ti sc single fan)
case - Corsair Carbide Series Spec 01.

Need help overclocking and with Settings for max possible stable overclock on my 771 775 socket mod build to play latest games smoothly.? overclocking in my Asus' AMI (American Megatrends )bios with different settings keeps causing instability and crashes, Intel Extreme Tuning DOESNT WORK ON THIS PLATFORM MOD... Throtlestop just stops my cpu multi ratio dropping, SetFSB software increases my ghz but then crashes at certain points and changes my ram speed.

my AI Overclocking settings in mybios look exactly like this >
this is what i have it at now because every high oc fails after a while or first boot
CPU Ratio Setting: Auto (can go from ... to 9x)
FSB Strap to North Bridge: Auto
FSB Frequency: Auto
PCIE Frequency: Auto
DRAM Frequency: Auto
DRAM Timing Control: Auto
Clock Over-charging Mode: Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum:Auto
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Auto
CPU Voltage:Auto (this cpu should be at 1.3v i believe)
CPU Voltage Reference: AUTO
CPU Voltage Damper: Auto
PLL Voltage: Auto
DRAM Voltage: Auto (my ram says 1.9v on it so should i use that?.)
FSB Termination Voltage: auto
North Bridge Voltage: auto
North Bridge Voltage Reference: AUTO
South Bridge Voltage: auto

Any help with these settings for max oc or any software with settings for this build appreciated. i Understand i can easily OC by raising the CPU RATIO MULTIPLIER and changing the FSB like say my multi max is 9x and fsb 370 so 370x9= 3,330 id have somehwere like 3.33ghz but i had it at 3.62ghz before and benched with cinebench scored 390 and it was fine then it crashed and now i cant get stable oc even up to 3.33ghz im aiming for around 3.7ghz like in this video
- or possible even 4.2ghz ive seen this cpu go to 4.2ghz. Need help asap how to get a fast stable oc with mybuild ive tried lots thanks. :)

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