Max Payne 3 issue


Jun 30, 2009
So I finished MP3 once and am going through it again. Problem is, last time I quit the game, it showed the exit splash screen for a long time. Tried alt-tabbing and there was a window in the background saying the usual "close the programme/ check online for a solution". I closed the game and shut down.

When I fired her up again last evening, it would go through the initial splash screens all the way up to the Max Payne 3 logo where it says "press enter". I click/ press enter and it gets stuck at "Loading...". The Max Payne 3 logo is still flashing (its not frozen) and the background music keeps playing normally. But the menu screen doesn't come up. I ultimately have to terminate through the task manager.

Re-installing is the most obvious suggestion but I'm afraid I'll lose all my stats, progress, etc. Would have made a backup of my save files also, but I just can't find them anywhere. The game is original.

Anyone have any idea's how to recover from this without having to re-install?
should be somewhere like

C:\Users\username\Documents\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3\Profiles

should be called mp3_progression

if you are on windows 7 just put mp3_progression in the search box


Dec 3, 2012
Max Payne 3 loading screen FIX,For all that has loading screen issues were the game just loads for ever,here is the fix that WORKED for me unlike all the other ones out there,make sure you have windows7 64bit sp1,although i dont think it makes a differance but it is a requirement for max payne,delete any other profiles for social club(C:\Users\Youre pc name\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\profiles) only keep the one you use in steam(this is only if you had cracked version also installed) then last go to network and sharing center bottom right in start menu and change youre network settings from public network to home network.found that mine was on public,which is a default.tested on 3 pc's and worked for me every time,Its a firewall thing at rockstars servers,Again this is for steam version.Hope it helps :) :sol: