Max payne 3 patch update from rockstar games?? please reply!!

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Aug 17, 2012
i brought the the max payne 3 from a store .. which is not original and is pirated!! but the parts of the game didn't had any name of cracker.. like skidrow , reloaded etc.! neither do it had any .txt or nfo file to show their details!! the game installation files didn't had any crack or any patch!!

i have reqd. specs for running the game.. without any problem!!

problem is when i run the max payne 3 , named 'PlayMaxPayne3.exe'.. it starts downloading patches for the game.. one is like worth 437 mb.. so i was asking that will it run the game after the patch is been applied or not?? i'm asking this because i have a dialup modem which gives about 30kbps max. for downloading.. it will take whole day for me to download it!! :sweat: if it didn't ran the game.. then it'll be waste of time.. :cry: :fou: .. please sum1 reply!! it'd be a lot apppreciated.. :ange: :bounce: .. thanks in advance!! :hello:
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