Max RAM Limitations


Feb 20, 2009
Hi again folks,
I've got a question on max RAM limitations for my mobo and am really hoping someone can help!

I'm looking at upgrading my RAM and was intending to put 8GB DDR2-1066MHz in, however, looking at the QVL for my mobo (Asus Rampage Formula, link to QVL below) it seems that Asus say that it can only a single module of 2GB 1066MHz RAM, operating in single channel mode. The max it can support of 1066MHz is 4GB in 4 x 1GB sticks.

Does anyone have any experience of putting in 6GB or 8GB against the advice of the manufacturer? Or can anyone tell me what is likely to happen if I try it?

I was trying to use the Crucial memory scanner to see what it recommends, but unfortunately it results in an instant BSOD, complaining about the CrucialSMBusScanner. This isn't a major issue the system has otherwise run with complete stability.

For reference, my current system, running 4 x 1GB DDR2-800MHz is limiting the overclock I can do - 1066MHz should open up some headway for a better FSB freq. Also since I'm running Vista x64 it seems a pity to not utilise more than 4GB RAM.

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