[SOLVED] Max Refresh Rate for a Display Port 1.2 equipped 1440p monitor?

Jan 2, 2022
Hi all! From my googling, it appears that Display Port 1.2 supports upto 144fps at 1440p. So in this case, is it a waste of money to buy a monitor equipped with a displayport 1.2 and a refresh rate higher than 144Hz?

For reference, this is the monitor I'm buying : Acer Nitro XV272U 2560 x 1440 (IPS). It is available at 144Hz & 170Hz refresh rates. Since both come equipped with a display port 1.2, I was wondering whether the 170Hz was pointless to spend the extra money on buying?


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its likely it supports HBR2 which pushed DP up to 165hz as most DP since 2014 have been
same question - link

but finding a lot of info on High Bit Rate 2 is fun

could be you want HBR 3

High Bit Rate (HBR)10.8 Gbps4K/30 Hz
High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2)17.28 Gbps4K @ 60 Hz
High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3)25.92 Gbps4K @ 120 Hz
8K @ 60 Hz with DSC
Ultra High Bit Rate (UHBR)77.36 Gbps8K/60 Hz

I think hbr2 should push 1 1440p monitor to at least 165