Max safe voltage for CPU overclock Ryzen 1700

Jul 17, 2018
Hi guys I know you probably get this question a lot but I'm going to add a twist I am wanting to do a custom cooling solution using freon cooling technique if all goes well I should beable to run my CPU at subzero temperatures so I obviously wan to get higher clocks what would you guys recommend for voltage wise below -5°c? Thank you in advance
AMD recommendation: 1.35 is safe and 1.45 with possible impact to processor longevity. But then I know of several people who've been operating at 1.475-1.5 for over a year. Since you're going below ambient, though, it can't be sustained since condensation will ruin socket/motherboard way before the processor degrades, so that's obviously irrelevant.

People regularly bench at up to 1.7V for 5Ghz on 1st gen processors on LN2. What you're willing to do depends on how cool you can keep the CPU with your phase-change system.

EDIT: oh yeah, and also what your motherboard will allow! I understand many boards limit maximum voltage settings to something like 1.5 or maybe 1.55.