[SOLVED] Max safe voltage for Ryzen 3700X?

As there is little headroom left and your boosting to 4375GHz and stable then leave it at that.

It's your prerogative ofc to try and manually Overclock however for longevity I would leave it at that.
I personally like to disable boost and manually overclock all cores to 4.2GHz. I also disable any "C" States or settings to save power.
Excessive voltage will generate exponentially more heat so the trick is to maintain stability with as lower core voltage as you can.


Ryzen responds best to CPU voltages (or VCore) of around 1.35-1.37V.
Higher voltages up to 1.45V are possible but require a decent AIO water cooling solution but may shorten the life of your CPU so it's not recommended.
If you are stable with your current settings then that's good
Is it worth it to overclock? Its already boosting to 4375Mhz with stock settings but I think that's a single core?